Bastrop Cattle CompanyOur beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. All of our animlas are free-range, pasture raised. No antibiotics, no hormones or anything else. We DO NOT ever grain finish.

When we say that the grass-fed beef you buy from Bastrop Cattle Company is chemical, antibiotic and hormone free, you can trust that it is. You see, that's because we know exactly where every single one of our calves was raised. We've seen the cows and calves in their pastures and know the practices of the ranchers who supply beef for processing.

Bastrop Cattle Company is a local company. We live and work in Austin and Bastrop. These are our neighbors and we eat the same meat we sell to you. We love our neighbors and our animals.

Together with these ranching partners, we want to share great meat, while we keep Texas grass-fed beef ranching alive as it is meant to be - produced by local farmers and ranchers humanely with no additives. The best beef comes right off your local ranches.