Nanooka KnowsThe Best Beef IS Local

This is Nanooka.  She's one of my breeder cows.  She's in my yard and defying me to make her leave.  Why is this important - well, she's on a ranch in Texas (not Uruguay or Australia).  Her calves will be born on this ranch.  They will grow up on her milk and the grass on the ranch.  And when they leave, they will go to a local, state inspected processing plant in Central Texas.  They will receive a private label.  "Bastrop Cattle Company" is on the label of the meat. We’re mighty proud of this! But more than that, the private label means two important things to you, our valued customer.

First, Bastrop Cattle Company uses a facility that is certified and inspected by the State of Texas.  The State of Texas not only inspects our beef, but they also hold us accountable for what goes on our label.  We are natural, grass fed meat. We go to a lot of trouble to prove that our labels are true! Every single one of the calves we have processed and we sell is natural – no hormones or antibiotics used – and grass-fed. To do this, we have our own verification and tracing program in place with each of the ranchers from which we buy. 

All of our ranchers are local - all located in Central Texas - in Washington, Fayette, Milam, and Bastrop counties.  All are family owned and run.  Several of our ranchers are third and fourth generation.  They see their animals every day, and constantly pay attention to the animals' needs, grazing environment and nutritional health.  We know them and they know us - in Texas, that counts for a lot!

Bastrop Cattle Company is there throughout the process of raising these calves.  We constantly monitor the ranches with regular visits to make sure that the calves are only eating grasses and suckling from their moms.  We make sure that no hormone implants are used and that no antibiotics are administered.   We also check to make sure that all the animals – calves, cows and bulls – are humanely treated and handled (that’s not required by the state). And we have a reporting system in place that requires our ranchers to tell us immediately if any of their calves are sick or hurt.

cow-anatomyOur monitoring program works because we do know and trust our ranchers, and because they are always available to us - to visit, to talk with, to see how they are raising their animals first hand.  You can't do that when your "grass-fed beef is from Uruguay or Australia.  You can do it when you live and work in Texas on a ranch and all the ranchers you source from live and work in Texas - and you sell your beef to customers in Texas. 

So you can see, while we here at Bastrop Cattle Company are pretty proud of the quality of our grass-fed beef, we also think pretty highly of you, our customer. We guarantee our meat (money back!), and we guarantee that it is local, family rancher raised, hormone and antibiotic free, grass-fed beef. We know that for a fact!