NanookaFor the Good of the Animals
These free range cattle are treated with care and respect, resulting in the development of healthy muscles and lean meat. Cattle have digestive systems that are best suited for eating grass and hay. These grass-fed animals are raised on the ranches where they were born. And, they remain at the cows' sides for six months, suckling and learning how to eat grass and hay. That means their meat:

  • is lower in both total and saturated fats.*
  • contains higher levels of certain omega-3 fatty acids and important nutrients, like B vitamins, zinc and iron.*

But the beef is just as notable for what it does not contain. Bastrop Cattle Company guarantees that this grass-fed beef contains  no hormones, no antibiotics, and no chemicals. Our attention to these important details assures that your beef is fresh, natural and as healthy as you need it to be.

Bastrop Cattle Company grass-fed beef is as far as you can get from industrial agriculture.

* Nutritional content of beef reported in Union of Concerned Scientists March 2006 release.