Grilled SteakGrilling Bastrop Cattle Company meat will be fast. Grass fed beef cooks faster than grocery store meat - mainly due to the difference in quality and quantity of fat.  So, don't overcook.  You'll dry it out!

The next thing to take into account is "bone-in" or "bone-out".  Most chefs will tell you it is best to grill cuts that are bone-in.  You reap the full flavor of the meat - bone included.  We recommend T-bones and Bone-In Ribeyes for the best experience.

You can do a marinade if you want - something minimal, olive oil and red wine - for about 15 minutes at room temperature - or nothing at all but sea salt and fresh crushed pepper.  Remember, our beef is from milk suckling, grass-eating young animals.  So, go naked and enjoy the full flavor of the meat!

So, build the fire and let the coals burn down to a nice hot bed.  Place your grill approximately six to eight inches above your coals.  Sear the steak on each side no more than 2 minutes.  Then move the meat to a piece of aluminum.  If placed directly over the coals, don't cook for more than an additional 3 minutes on each side.  This will give you a nice medium rare.  Let rest and remember that beef will continue to cook inside even after its been removed from the heat.

Serve with a fresh salad and grilled vegetables.