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Bastrop Cattle Company would love to be your own personal butcher. Fill out a short questionnaire below and one of us will directly reach out and create the custom order that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

We don’t charge any additional fees for customizing bulk orders. If you like our personalized service, please tell your friends!

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Half & Whole Animal

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  • Average weights for whole carcass is between 300-450 lbs

  • Turnaround is based on animal availability

  • $6.95/lb Hanging Weight

  • Pricing includes meat, customized processing, and individually vacuum sealed packages that are commercially frozen

  • We create a customized cut list based on your needs at no additional cost

  • Best value for buyers!

Bulk Pet Food

If you’d like an all-natural, chemical-free beef blend for your furry family members, then please contact us directly! Pricing is generally around 6.95 per pound and we can formulate specific blends at no extra cost.

Special Orders

If you haven’t seen a specific cut in our online store, it’s likely because we either only do that cut on demand, or a majority of that specific cut is going to one of our wholesalers. We’re here to help though!

Here’s a list of the current cuts we require a special order for:


+ Tenderloin Roast
+ Tenderloin Medallion Steak
+ T-Bone Steak
+ Boneless Sirloin Steak
+ Boneless Petite Sirloin Steak
+ Cross-Cut Red Veal Shank
+ Short Ribs
+ Prime Rib Roast
+ Pike’s Peak Roast
+ Shoulder Roast
+ Rump Roast
+ Flank Steak
+ Offal


If you’d like any of these cuts or would like a different custom cut, we’re happy to accomodate! Inquire below and we can give you pricing and availability.

Let’s talk.

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