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No Hormones
No Antibiotics
Grass Finished
Paleo & Keto
No Grain/Corn
Sustainably Raised
Only available in Central Texas!

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Our promise to you is to deliver the highest quality grass-fed beef with absolutely no hormones, antibiotics or chemicals, period. We never finish our cattle on corn & grain. We don’t use fertilizer or pesticide on our ranch. Above all, we believe in sustainability and transparency in our business practices.

There’s a lot of bull in the beef industry.
We don’t do that.


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that carry our grass-fed beef.

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About Us

In 2006, Rancher Pati Jacobs took over the cattle business on the family ranch with a singular focus on raising grass-fed beef. Not content with the traditional distribution channels (i.e. auctions & feedlots) Pati decided to make her own company to directly sell her beef to local restaurants, sustainable co-ops and individual families in Central Texas.

Many years later, Bastrop Cattle Company has grown to accommodate more of the increasing demand for grass-fed beef without sacrificing any of the quality, principle, or personal touch that made it successful in the first place.


The CJ Ranch

Learn more about Pati Jacobs’ family ranch
and the many happy cows that reside there.

Coming Soon

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